The spritesheet for our main character

Parade of Masks

This game was produced during my first ADL Game Jam in 2018. It is a narrative-driven 2D platformer based around the difficulty of having to hide who you are because of the threat of being judged or harmed. The mechanic that separates this from others is that when you are in the eyesight of people you have to hold up a mask, but doing that slows you down, so you have to figure out how to keep enough energy to make it through the day.

For this project, I focused on programming. I programmed the character’s movement, the pickups, and overall focused on making sure the game gives the feel we desired. We wanted to create an emotional experience in a platformer, so I made sure it played like that through adjusting small aspects in how the player controls the character.

All games I create have taught me different lessons, but I wanted to note how much this game has influenced me. It proved to me that I can create interactive experiences that can provoke emotions, and it has encouraged me to connect narrative and mechanics in my games more.