Concept art for the background of beginning levels

Tile for platforms

Alice ecilA

Programs Used:

Unity, Photoshop

Language Used:



  • Programmed player movement to allow for smooth gameplay.
  • Brainstormed and programmed differnt ways of changing movement for a tradition 2-D platformer
  • Drew half of the background art, as well as some of the UI assets.
  • Gave weekly deleveriables to the professor about the task
  • Entered the game in numerous indie festivals, and was featured at Playcrafting Boston!


This game was made for a class in my second semester of sophmore year. We had a small team of 3, so I had to wear many hats in this project. Mostly, I refined the code to make sure the game plays smoothly, as well as making some art assets, including 2 of the backgrounds. Download and play it here!